History and Evolution of Facial Yoga

Aging is an indispensable process that every person enters into their life. There have been many efforts around the world to find ways to reduce the signs of aging with a simple makeup plastic surgery. New trends and treatments appear regularly in the media, claiming that they delay or reverse the aging process. Recently, facial yoga has gained great popularity. The facial yoga residues say that facial muscles can be exercised and forcefully, facial wrinkles can be reduced or reduced. As an example of the yoga exercise of the face, it opens deep or opens to the mouth with the long tongue during the contract of several facial and neck muscles.
Facial Yoga is a form of yoga designed to enhance the appearance of the face. It uses yoga techniques to fight wrinkles and reduce the symptoms of ageing and shining face, ageing symptoms. Some yoga techniques are used for stretching, muscle exercises and visuals. Facial Yoga is a new invention of course dominated by many countries in the yoga field and a number of cultures.
After a car crash has changed in front of his facial face, Fumiko Takatsu has made the Facial Yoga method (from his original Japanese), and after that time the method spread throughout the world, he spread this by training of other teachers about facial yoga book writing, DVD production, television shows and enhancing their presence on the Internet.
Yogapadai's facial yoga method shows The yoga surface of the surface works in leading several epidermis or outer arteries. It is believed that Facial Yoga helps in the following ways;
- Add oxygen to the skin
-increase blood circulation
-Incite the reproduction of elastin and collagen
- Reduce stress in the muscle
- It is advisable that practice should be done six times a week for 20 minutes a day to get better results.
One way is to raise a smile line and to reduce skin relief by putting one hand in temples, pushing and face by opening the mouth shape of the letter "O".
According to one of the archaeologists, Annelise Hagen, New York teacher yoga, who appeared in Good Morning America (GMA), facial yoga has been created as "natural, non-invasive biochemistry of Botox, fillers and plastic surgery" and consists of a series of facial exercises aimed at the intentional muscle tension.
Hagen is a writer of Facial Yoga to sell well and says that "he has a desire for the relationship between the soul and the body, especially in relation to reproduction, ageing and beauty." He makes Yoga Coping with the "end of the facelift" and says he makes the tone and elevates the muscle.
In order to achieve this, Hagen recommends the daily exercise of "fish face", which puts pressure on the cheeks and lips; "bumblebee" that affects cheeks, lip and jaw; "Satchmo", which focuses on cheeks; and the "lion's face" that you think puts up all the muscles and gives rise to tension.
"It has been scientifically proven that muscle activity helps to increase the production of collagen and elastin so that your face is stronger," says Hagen.
The GMA managed to find a doctor who (in essence) supported her claim. Dr Neil Sadick, a famous dermatologist and starring Real Estate staff in New York, says the yoga face emphasizes stimulating collagen.
"With no big science compared with other technologies, such as chemical or Botox bundles, we know that stimulating any part of your muscle facial, will be useful for overall observation," says Sadick.
In other words, it should not be "Facial Yoga- it can be exciting for facial muscles, including massage.
Because many of the dermatologists believe that these exercises are more acute than improving skin ageing, we recommend striking the neck to the neck. Google search engine and "neck exercises" have received almost million hits. To avoid those who claim to be "yoga"...
Wrinkles on the skin become less noticeable by making the facial muscles weak or sticky. This is the reason why instant face lift has been effective in reducing or preventing the appearance of wrinkles. When the facial muscles are injected, Botox makes the muscles unable to contract for approximately 3-6 months. When there is no muscle contraction, there may be no short or no wrinkles in the animation. Those who have used Botox regularly have a clear forehead and eyes around areas that do not use their partners.

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