Xeomin Botox Review

All About Xeomin

Xeomin is the newest product in the market joining the ranks of liquid injections to treat frown lines which preserves a youthful appearance. It is an approved product by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of severe frown lines in adults. Learn more about Xeomin herein today.

How it works

This product is injected to paralyze facial muscles. As with other liquid injections like Botox, Xeomin contains botulinum toxin type A, which blocks nerve signals to the muscles. This results in the weakening of the ability for the muscles to contract, therefore minimizing the appearance of dynamic wrinkles. Injection procedures of this product usually last up to like a quarter an hour or so. The feeling an individual under this procedure is just the same to when you are shot since the pains usually fade off easily and fast after the injection has been completed. Its effects are normally noted a week after completion of the procedure. There is no recovery time associated with the treatment. Its results last from three to six months.

Pros of Xeomin

  • It is considered as a non-invasive procedure by many doctors as Botox for it is a safe way to achieve a smooth face without undergoing an invasive surgical procedure. It dramatically changes your appearance by removing the wrinkles from the area between the brow, by removing the crow's feet from the eyes and by removing the forehead wrinkles.
  • Usually, there is no recovery time needed after undertaking this treatment since a person can easily continue with routine activities after undergoing this treatment. If you are going to a clinic and take this treatment, you can easily walk out of your physician's office right after you have it and can resume your normal activities.
  • This product has been proven to help reduce jaw muscles and this has been shown by many who have tried it as it has given tremendous results by providing a gentle curved cheek and jaws. Although, it does not involve changing the bone structure of a patient reducing the thickness of a muscle refines the angle of a patient's jaw.
  • This product also provides other health benefits like for instance, it is useful for those patients who have an eye twitching problem excessive sweating and migraine headaches. Xeomin cosmetic blocks the nerve impulses that cause twitching and also block the chemical transmitter that causes excessive sweating. Injecting Xeomin in a forehead, back of the neck, side of the head or brow can reduce the severity and frequency of migraines.

Cons of Xeomin

  • The problem of breathing, speaking and even swallowing can develop due to the weakening of the jaw muscles and it can be so severe that it becomes fatal. If you are experiencing these problems before Xeomin injections, you should consult your physician. If he recommends you not to use the injection, you should follow his advice and prefer your health over temporary facial beauty.
  • Xeomin also causes blurred vision, drooping eyelids, loss of voice, trouble saying words, loss of bladder control and many other problems due to muscle weakness. If these problems occur, you should not operate any machinery or even drive a car and should not perform any dangerous activities because it can lead to serious outcomes.
  • Xeomin is a prescription medicine and is acknowledged by health care physicians as a simple, non-invasive and non-surgical procedure. It is injected into muscles and improves the frown lines between your eyebrows, removes forehead wrinkles, and also helps in jaw contouring. The injected medicine blocks nerve impulses and reduces muscle activity. It helps to reduce the frown lines and provides a smooth skin.

Final Word

When performed correctly, a patient who has undergone this treatment might not even feel any pain or discomfort but rather observe distinctive enhancements in the treated part. Other brand treatments of this product are a trending treatment too, besides those of hyperpigmentation and wrinkles, as it is a condition found in people of all age groups. The procedure doesn't take much time and starts showing expected results by the week that follows the treatment. A patient who will wish to undergo this treatment should make sure to consult a doctor before using this Botox treatment. You need not to hesitate, maintain your youthful nature by taking this treatment today.

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