dark circles

Difference of Dark Circles from Eye Bags

This type of condition refers to the skin darkening under the eyes. Dark circles are usually caused by either inadequate or lack of enough sleep. They technically tend to affect the regions around your eyes. They are always considered problematic because they don’t adhere to the beauty standards of society.

Dark Circles

As earlier mentioned, dark circles refer to the skin darkening under the eyes. Note that, this type of condition may affect only a single eye but typically, it normally affects both eyes of an individual. The darkening normally begins off mild and unfortunately, it may worsen in due course if not treated. The kind of darkening is normally different from darkening that comes from a result of trauma or bruising of a certain sort or swelling and redness caused by a disease.

Common Causes of Dark Circles

  • Dark circles are usually caused by tiredness and lack of sleep of which the two lead to fatigue. People who are affected by this condition normally complain of not having adequate sleep.
  • The thinness of skin also another factor that leads to the development of this condition and this can happen because of reasons such as lack of skin care and age.Remember, as we grow old, the skin tends losses collagen and get thinner. This normally occurs around your eyes. Lack of skin care often increase the chances of skin getting thin.
  • Hereditary is also another factor that leads to the presence of dark circles in a person. Genetics tends to play a key role in deciding the amount of melatonin the skin needs to offer. Another factor that determines how much melatonin the skin is able to provide is the individual’s exposure to the sun. This means that more sunshine exposure equates to more melatonin production by the skin. Also, certain parts of the skin tend to encompass irregular supply of melatonin, which consequently makes certain areas of the skin including around the eyes look to be darker than others.

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles

It is important to note that if dark circles affect you as a result of either allergies or lack of sleep, then the appropriate treatment would be to take allergy medicine or get enough sleep respectively. It is advisable for one to attempt remedies of home like employing an effective skin care regimen or cooling the part with cold tea bags or water.

Eye Bags

Eye bags refers to the swelling that normally occurs around your eyes and may tend to appear like bags.

Common Causes of Eye Bags

  • This type of condition is usually caused by dropping fat. Here, the eye is normally surrounded by a layer or insulate of fat that tends to obscure the eye, nonetheless, sometimes the insulate loosens up and then the fat tends to collect under your eyes and this leads to eye bags. As you age, muscles and the skin that holds the fat layer in position tends to become weaker enabling the fat to somehow slide downward with the aid of force of gravity. The fat that slides downward is then targeted by fluid that makes the fat cells to swell. In addition, as the skin becomes old, it also tends to be translucent hence enabling these eye bags to become more visible.
  • Other factors that increase the chances of being affected by eye bags include lack of sleep, fatigue, and tiredness.
  • This condition can further be worsened by high intake of salt or allergies.
  • Lack of skin care can also lead to eye bags as it contributes to the quick breakdown of muscles and skin holding the fat layer in place.

It is always important to consult a doctor when you notice peculiar signs around your eyes.

How to Get Rid of Eye Bags

When you want to remove eye bags, there are a wide range of medical treatments available. This may involve surgery to get rid of the excess fat in your eyes or a medical treatment that makes your skin to remain intact and to hold the fat in its position. Other home remedies treatment include moisturizing the place to enable the fluid to drain or keeping the part cool. One can also employ concealers or makeup to hide eye bags if they feel it necessary.

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Final Word

It is crucial to point out that dark circles and eye bags are two different conditions that afflict the eyes and technically affect the parts around the eyes.

In conclusion, dark circles are a problem for many people but there are many solutions that can help you deal with it. Just do home treatments, sleep more and always moisturize the place that has been affected by dark circles.