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Best Ingredients to Help Reduce Under Eye Bags

Several articles on the internet about 'how to remove eye bags' remedy claims how easy it is to get rid of the problem, but the truth is it may not be as easy as said. Since every eye bag condition has its own cause, the remedy differs for every situation. You may try a solution, but in the end, you are back to square one with the same problem because you did not look at the root cause of your eye bag.

Ingredients for the Best Eye Bag Treatment

It's, however, a good idea that the new breed of eye treatments are manufactured with potent ingredients to help provide a remedy for these problems. Here are the expert recommendations abut how to remove eye bags:


Vitamin K-1 is a fat-soluble vitamin, also called phytonadione. To role of Vitamin K-1 is to activate the proteins responsible for blood clotting to help in the prevention of body hemorrhaging or unchecked bleeding. Due to Vitamin K-1 fat soluble ability and coagulation agent property, it is suitable for being used as a topical treatment for all the challenges that originate from vascular injury. When topically applied, the vitamin penetrates easily through the skin pores and it is transported into the skin dermis where it targets the damaged capillaries. The vitamin works naturally to support the process of blood clotting and prevents seepage allowing the skin to rejuvenate and to regain its ability to heal itself. Plastic surgeons have used vitamin K-1 historically as creams to reduce post-operative scarring and bruising.

Besides the ability to heal swelling and bruising, Vitamin-K is also known to be useful for enhancing the skin suppleness and softness. Your skin loses most of its elasticity because of high concentrations of phosphate and calcium deposited on the hard crystal on your skin soft connective tissues and as a result making them rigid. Vitamin K-1 manufactures one of the main proteins that is involved in slowing down the minerals from building up and damaging your skin. Studies have revealed the importance of this vitamin in preventing minerals from clogging on to human skin and promoting suppleness. Vitamin K-1 can also be obtained naturally from green vegetables like broccoli, spinach and asparagus.


Peptides reside almost in every body’s tissues. They are the core life building blocks.

Peptides are made up of a series of amino acids that are held together by strong carbon and nitrogen bonds. The proteins or the chain of amino acids cannot penetrate your skin epidermis due to their molecular size, but the peptides can penetrate because they have shorter chains of amino acids. Once the peptides get to your skin, they become the passengers that send out signals to the receptors, informing them h they need to perform. The ability of the peptides to influence how your skin dermal matrix should perform has made them highly valuable in modern skin care products.


Arnica is ingredients naturally retrieved from Arnica Montana plant petals. Arnica has an ingredient which is basically a beneficial oil called thymol. It is this ingredient that makes Arnica very important for providing medical solutions.

Thymol is basically found in high concentration in the roots of the plant Arnica. Thymol has been clinically proven to influence the contraction of the smooth muscles on your blood vessel walls and as a result, dilating and promoting better blood flow. By promoting blood circulation, the ingredient helps to promote blood transportation and break up fluid circulation. Thymol is therefore highly effective at relieving you from swellings and bruise discolouration.

Thymol is a very important ingredient since it helps promote the absorption of Vitamin K-1 into your skin.