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Does Coffee Get Rid of Under Eye Bags

Developing eye bags is common and natural to all people especially due to aging and gravity. As we grow older, our body organs get weaker. This gives gravity a good chance to pull down the skin and also our facial tissues.

As a result of this, many parts of the body start sagging including the lower and upper eyelids. The lids are made of very soft and thin skin which is more likely to get weaker faster. In addition, this area of skin is composed of fatty tissues, muscle and collagen fibers which degenerates faster making the skin lose elasticity more easily. This increases the chances of having dark circles, sagging skin, and under eye bags.

Some other people may develop eye bags while still young. This may be caused by eczema, exposure to sunlight, pigmentation issues, allergies, and chronic fatigue. To others, it may be due to genetics or inheritance.

Treating eye bags is not regarded as easy. However, there are several remedies that are known to eliminate this condition. The following shows how coffee can help remove eyelids and return your skin to normalcy.

How to Remove Eye Bags Using Coffee

Majority of people know coffee as a drink. Others see it as a cure for headaches, depression, fatigue, and cancer. And just a few understand that this substance is used a great deal to get rid of dark circles as well as eye bags.

Among the one thousand chemical components found in coffee, caffeine is recognized as one of the most important. It’s used by a great number of individuals worldwide to treat a wide range of diseases including some common skin conditions such as itching due-to dermatitis and the redness of the skin.

The reason why coffee works in this context is due to this chemical compound known as caffeine. Now, to get started, you need to do the following:

Elements / ingredients:

  • Black-pepper powder (just a little amount)
  • About one teaspoon of coffee-powder (should be well ground and also unused)
  • A teaspoon of coconut oil
  • A bowl (this is what will hold these ingredients)


  • In a bowl, make a mixture of the elements and ensure that it’s uniform by beating or stirring well using a fork. This is your eye-mask.
  • Clean your face thoroughly and apply the mask under your eyes. This should be done well being careful not to place it inside the eyes. The mask should remain for about ten to twelve minutes.
  • After the minutes are up, or when you feel like the face is tightening, wipe the mask away using a soaked cotton or a wet towel. For excellent results, the procedure should be repeated in about three to four times a week.
  • This is all you need to do so as to eliminate the eye bags that forms around your eyes.

Importance of the Ingredients:

  • Coffee – It contains caffeine which has anti-inflammatory characteristics. This helps you in a variety of ways such as smoothening puffiness, tightening the skin muscle, and reducing the redness in the area about the eyes.

Also, this element is used to slow down the process of aging. The skin, therefore, is kept youthful, without the wrinkles or fine lines in such a long time.

  • Coconut oil – Its use to provide enough moisture to the area that is under your eyes. It’s therefore kept smooth and very soft. Wrinkles and fine lines are formed from dry skin and that’s why this type of oil is used. This element also gives a natural glow to the skin.
  • Black-Pepper – This is also the most important element. It helps the cells of the skin that is around the eyes to grow healthier. It also enhances the circulation of blood in the area below the eyes.

There are a great many treatments to remove the eye-bags around your eyes. Coffee is one of the most popular and one of the proven ways to get your eyes to normalcy when you have the eye-bags. Others include the use of strawberries, baking soda, and tea bags.

A lot of research has also shown that sleeping on your back, eating a healthy diet without too much sugar and salt can help reduce the formation of bags under your eyes. You should reduce the usage of alcohol and cigarettes and also consider maintaining a good weight.