using milk to cure eye bags

5 Ways to Treat Your Eye Bags Organically

There are a lot of ways that can be used to treat eye bags. Most of the methods used are done at home and organically. The methods are very user-friendly with little or no side effects. So which are some of these organic eye bags treatments you can capitalize on, they include the following:

Homemade rose water

Homemade rose water has both Vitamin A and C alongside flavonoids. In addition, it boasts of anti-inflammatory properties that ideally get rid of eye bags. Most importantly it is not only revitalizing but also refreshing. The homemade rosewater will refresh the skin around your eyes hence curbing any chances of eyebags stressing you out. This is a remedy that is not only cheap but also effective when it comes to dealing with eye bags.

Cold water

Cold water can easily be accessed in your home. You can use it to remove the baggy skin around your eyes. In fact, cold water does some great job when it comes to that. How do you use it anyway? You have to wash your face every morning with cold water. It has to be a practice you do first once you wake up every morning. Also, you can dip a washcloth into cold water, squeeze the water and lay it over your eyes. Cold water is a vasoconstrictor which limits blood from flowing to the swollen area hence preventing swelling and minimizes redness.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. These important properties are very ideal in reviving puffy eyes. In addition, Chamomile tea minimizes redness. You can use it to relieve pink eyes and conjunctivitis.


Milk is a reliable remedy for puffy eyes. In this instance, you will need to employ the use of Whole Milk. How do you go about? You need milk and a clean cotton ball. Dip the cotton ball in cold milk, squeeze it and place on your eyes. The cold milk will shrink your eyes under tissues hence getting rid of eye bags.

Cool Cucumber

One of the most commonly used remedies for treating eye bags. How is it possible? Cucumbers contain flavonoids and antioxidants responsible for minimizing irritation, swelling, and redness around your eyes. Cut the cucumber into slices and place them on ever eye, then sleep for around 30 minutes. The swelling near your eyes will be gotten rid of.

Walking around with eye bags is not a good idea and it is embarrassing. Luckily, they are numerous ways on how to remove eye bags. The remedies discussed above have been proven reliable and effective when it comes to dealing with that condition. Ensure you take advantage of them to treat those under eye bags.