History of Face Masks

The Idea of using and applying face masks in maintaining beauty has been practiced for many centuries. The first ever cosmetic product to be made was the face mask. The best thing with face masks is that they can tone, moisturize, cleanse or nourish your skin and also be able to offer active ingredients which are important for skin care. But what is the origin and history of cosmetic face masks?

Cosmetic face masks in ancient times

Ayurveda Haldi Masks in India

About 5000 years ago many Indians took care of their hair and skin especially during religious rituals so that they could look good. In this case, many people did not use excessive cosmetic products in religious events.

During the Ayurveda tradition, body and face masks known as ubtan were applied and then adjusted to suit various seasons. The ubtan masks are the first cosmetic products to be used in the world. Ubtan mask involves different types of flowers, roots, plants or herbs which were mixed according to the skin type and the desired outcome of the individual. With time this mask becomes very famous in India and was later adopted as a ritual especially for religious festivals such as Haldi and Diwali ceremony in the Indian weddings.

Currently, so many Indian women do prepare various types of face masks at home. It’s possible for you to get many ready-made ubtan products on the market. All that you have to do is to mix them with milk or water and then apply this mixture on your face. This ancients beauty has not changed much due to its ease of use, safety, and effectiveness.

Egyptian cosmetics and Cleopatra

From the time the Egyptians were civilized on the banks of River Nile, they have been very keen when it comes to their physical appearance. During the ancient period, many wealthy citizens applied various types of face mask The first face mask in Egypt was made using clay. It was revealed that Cleopatra usually applied face mask known as dead sea mask twice a week so that she could cleanse her skin. She also applied egg whites in tightening her pores and giving her skin a youthful look.

Yang Guifei in China

Yang Guifei who was from Tang dynasty in China was known as one of the best four ancient beauties in China due to the use of beauty masks. The mask that she used was a mixture of ginger, lotus, jadeite, and pearls ground into powder. She used this mixture so that she could diminish wrinkles and pigmentation and also brighten her skin. During that time it became famous that may ladies at the Emperor’s court started to use such a mixture in improving their looks.

Face masks in ancient Rome

Traditional Roman women used face masks so as they can enhance their beauty. Some of the famous ingredients that they used are goose fat, basil juice, vinegar, honey, and oils. They also use other exotic ingredients for instance stools of animals such as cows and kingfishers.

Western use of cosmetics

Beauty care in Middle Ages

It was the rage of many women during the middle ages in Europe to have a flawless white complexion which leads to the innovation of many creative ways of making their skin look more beautiful. Many of the women decided to use the blood of calves as they believed that this type of treatment would remove freckles and rejuvenate their skin.

Renaissance Cosmetics

The idea of having a pale look was also famous during the times of Elizabeth I. During this time the women resorted to using even more dangerous ways so that they could achieve their desired looks. For instance, they used white lead mixed with olive oils and honey in whitening their skin. Some women also used lemon juice and egg whites in brightening their skin.

Beauty care in the 17th and 18th centuries

During the 17th century makeup and perfumes dominated the shelves of many women and men in Europe. For instance, Marie Antoinette uses to apply egg whites masks on her face. What was funny is they she went further compared to Cleopatra in mixing the egg whites with lemon juice or milk.

Cosmetic care in the 19th century

In the 19th century, there were so many inventions. For instance, Madam Rowley invented a special mask which was made of Indian gum and could be customized to suit the features of the client. This overnight mask was meant to unclog pores, fight discoloration and remove visible freckles. However, it was quickly forgotten since it was uncomfortable for one to wear it at night.

Beauty care in the 20th century

During the 20th century, make-ups became widely accepted and was no longer a thins which was associated with prostitutes and actresses. The entrepreneurs such as Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein opened famous boutiques in New York which started to focus on skin care. During the 1960s some skin acre terms such as moisturizing, toning and cleaning were used. By the year 1970, many cosmetic producers started to use natural ingredients so that they could satisfy the needs of their clients. In 1980 the producers started to add collagen.

Cosmetic care in the 21st century

Currently face masks are available in many types such as sheets, powders, gels, and creams. As seen above there’re so many face masks which are used today. Depending on your needs and preferences you can choose one which you think suits you.

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