Salt Water Treatment for Eye Bags

Eye bags are the last things you wish to have whenever you wake up. You will have puffy eyes which will deny you the confidence of moving around publicly or even reporting to your daily errands. The baggy skin near your eyes just makes your facial appearance unattractive. So where do these puffy eyes come from?

Mostly, eye bags emanate from water retention around your eyes and tiredness. Usually, they will make the eyes’ underlying tissues to swell.

Effects of Having Eye Bags

Eye bags have a number of effects that falls upon the victim. These effects include the following:

Unattractive face

With swollen eye bags, your facial appearance will be affected adversely. You will feel embarrassed to walk around with eye bags. It is upon you to try as much as possible to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Swollen underlying tissue around your eyes

This is an occurrence that will be very notable. Due to fluid or water retention near your eyes, the area will tend to swell. The swollen tissues are termed as eye bags.

Sleepy eyes

Eye bags tend to bring about sleepy eyes. This is as a result of maybe having less sleep or working a lot throughout the night. So the fatigue that affects your eyes will cause eye bags which results in sleepy eyes.

Getting Rid of Eye Bags Using Salt Water

The next thing you need to worry about is how to remove eye bags. It is not that easy, unfortunately. You need to come up with some of the best remedies which will allow you to deal with this problem in the best way possible. Remember, your confidence and facial appearance are at stake. You have to take that bold step to eradicate eye bags as quickly as possible. Lucky enough, there are several remedies you can employ to deal with puffy eyes. The methods come in two forms, synthetic and organic or natural remedies. In that connection, organic remedies have been found to be reliable and cheap. In fact, you can come up with these methods at the comfort of your home. This will save you from spending a lot of cash on some expensive non-organic remedies.

Role of Salt Water

Salt water is a homemade remedy that works well in treating eye bags. This remedy is not only safe but also user-friendly. You will take minimal time to prepare it. In a short while, you will be using it to treat those puffy eyes. Nevertheless, you need to understand how the whole procedure of using salt water goes about. This is important to ensure you do not put your eyes in jeopardy. Below is how you go about with the whole process of preparing and using salt water:


There are a number of things you need to make the whole process a success. These ingredients include the following:

  • A half teaspoon of salt
  • Cotton balls or eye pads
  • 1-quart warm water

The above ingredients should be available in due time to facilitate your next exercise. What do you need to do next?

  • Prepare a mixture of water and salt in a clean bowl. Cleanliness is very key for the benefit of your eyes. Ensure the bowl and water you will be using are both clean.
  • Dip cotton balls or eye pads in that mixture, squeeze then place them onto your eyelids. Allow the soaked cotton balls or eye pads to stay on your eyelids for a reasonable time frame. The cotton balls you will be using should also be clean.
  • The exercise should be repeated every night just before you sleep. This exercise is specifically aimed at ensuring you keep puffy eyes at bay whenever you wake up in the morning.

Salt water works in an exceptional way when it comes to treating eye bags. It has anti-inflammatory properties which prevent inflammation around your eyes hence avoiding eye bags. However, there is a catch. Make sure you avoid taking food that contains high salt concentration. Such foods are the ones responsible for causing puffy eyes. Ensure you take heed of this recommendation if indeed you want to minimize chances of getting eye bags.

How to remove eye bags is an exercise that most people are not aware of. Those who are not knowledgeable about the perfect remedy to use are forced to walk with puffy eyes every day. By using salt water, you can put to rest this torment once and for all. Salt water comes with anti-inflammatory properties that deal with any swelling that is bound to occur around your eyes. Apart from salt water, there are several other remedies you can use to treat eye bags.