This New Year, Turn Back the Clock on Your Skin

This New Year, Turn Back the Clock on Your Skin

Another year has gone by, but don’t let your skin show it! In 2019, resolve to take better care of your skin and achieve the youthful face you want! We’ve listed five simple ways you can change how you do skin care this year:

1. Smart Hydration

Every year we resolve to drink more water and moisturize more, but this year let’s plan to hydrate ourselves and our skin in a smarter way! In addition to drinking water, eat your water; include more fresh veggies and fruits in your diet to benefit from their natural water content and their essential vitamins and antioxidants. Then, moisturize overnight with a face mask that seals in hydration more effectively than your average lotion.

2. Go Au Naturale

Look for natural and naturally-derived ingredients in your skin care products. Your skin absorbs nearly everything you put on it, so make sure your products are transparent about their ingredients and those ingredients are safe, natural, and backed by clinical studies.

3. Protect Against Pollution

Air pollution is one of many ways your environment can damage your skin but is also the most insidious type of environmental damage. You can not smoke and apply SPF daily, but for many people, air pollution is entirely unavoidable. Fortunately, you can fight back and wash away these toxins every night with an anti-pollutant cleanser. For this exact reason, BRZLNSKIN will be introducing their new pollutant-fighting Açai Berry Jelly Cleanser in early 2019.

4. Trust the Experts

Dermatologists have studied skin for many years, so when they endorse a product, you can trust their educated opinion. Look for specifically dermatologist-endorsed products over “dermatologist-tested,” since testing the product doesn’t necessarily guarantee the dermatologist in question would recommend it to a patient.

5. Simplify

Streamline your skin care routine! Overtreating your delicate facial skin can result in irritation or further damage, so find a product line that works together synergistically without adding an unrealistic amount of steps to your daily regimen. Our recommendation for a routine that’s easy and effective is the simple 3-step anti-aging regimen Brazilian Facelift.