Facial Exercises for Under Eye Bags: Do They Work?

Facial Exercises for Under Eye Bags: Do They Work?

Facial exercises are various shots of stretching exercise made for the muscles of the face. These exercises are believed to make face look better by reducing the wrinkles on the face especially in the jowl and the area under the eyes that is eye bags. We will discuss here how to remove eye bags using facial exercises.

What are Facial Exercises?

Facial exercises have gained popularity for the last few years. Facial exercises are known to have been in practice since early ages. Facial exercises have become popular in the form of face yoga.

Exercises in face involve a small amount of massage that leads to more effective lymphatic drainage.

By massaging the facial muscles will start working on the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system plays a significant role in the body by cleansing the toxins and fruits and keeps the level of tension and stress in the muscles intact.

Massaging courses blood and the essential nutrients coupled with oxygen to the areas where it is badly required that is the muscles. It will lead to better nourishment of the muscles.

A study shows that doing 30 minutes of anti-aging facial exercise every day for 20 weeks help women look younger. The age of participant women was between 42 to 65 years. At the end of the 20 weeks, they were rated by an independent agency.

How do the exercises work?

It is important to know how these exercises work. There are 10 different muscle groups in your skull and face. They're attached to the bones on your face and the skull.

The muscles are also attached to the skin on your face. It is for this reason that the face becomes so expressive venue when there is a little moment in the muscles on your face the face moves in the direction.

Note that every day stretching of your face muscles for hundreds of times leading to the formation of wrinkles.

Anti-aging facial muscles stretching combats both these problems by making the skin tighter and erasing the wrinkles by smoothening.

The exercises tone and tighten the muscles on your face.

Facial exercises induce the production of more elastin and collagen making your skin smoother, tighter and suppler.

Types of Exercises

Frown face

  • Use your index finger is against the outer corners of your eyebrow.
  • At the same time place middle fingers against the inner corner. From this, you will get a v below the eyes.
  • Apply pressure with the fingers and full your eyebrows down. This will make you look as if your frowning.
  • Remove your fingers and squint your eyes
  • Make your lips appear as if you are frowning. Be in this position for a couple of seconds and relax.
  • Repeat the movement 8 to 10 times.

Stretching of cheeks

This exercise will tone the skin and the muscles therein

  • Stand or sit upright
  • Breathe in deeply and blow your cheeks out and stay in the position for a second
  • Transfer the air from one side to another.
  • Repeat for eight times.

Stretching face up

This is one of the most effective anti-ageing exercises.

  • Stretch up the neck and generation and don't firm up the second skin and double chin.
  • Sit or stand upright. Stretch your neck and look up.
  • When the head is up and back push your tongue against the top surface of your mouth.
  • The other way of doing this is using your index fingers to pull the skin in the neck region downwards.
  • Stay in the stretch position for 25 seconds. Return to the normal position and repeat the process for 10 times.

Smiling widely

  • Smile as wide as possible so that your ears will have move. Keep lips closed.
  • Wrinkle your nose.
  • Stop smiling but keep the contract to form wrinkles.
  • Pull your chin down if your fingers your keeping mouth closed.
  • Repeat smile and the stretch for 5 seconds.
  • Do it for 6 to 8 times.

These exercises are simple and are anti-aging. They're effective in reducing eye bags and wrinkles on the face.

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