Common Causes for Having Eye Bags

Common Causes for Having Eye Bags

Eye bags normally cause skin complaints on tissues around the eyes when a person is affected by it. They often make you appear dull, older and tired. They are always caused as a result of fluid retention on areas around the eyes. This happens when water is stored excessively in the tissue of the skin underneath the eye.

Here are common causes of eye bags

  1. Lack of sleep. Poor or inadequate sleep can lead to the appearance of eye bags to your body. Inadequate sleep makes it hard for your body to flush out excess fluid. Consequently, this fluid assembles in the tissue around your eyes making the appearance of eye bags.
  2. Age. Obtaining eye bags is a natural aging process part. When we age, the fat under the surface of your skin begins to droop, and this misplacement of fat in your skin is what contributes to eye bags. Besides, when we grow old, muscles and ligaments that put the fat in the position within your eyes start to weaken. This makes eye bags to be more visible in areas around your eyes.
  3. Lifestyle i.e. Consumption of more salt (sodium chloride). You will realize that heavy consumption of meals with more sodium chloride will automatically increase your chances of being affected by eye bags. More salt makes your body to retain a lot of water. It causes dehydration. This will, in turn, make excess fluid to assemble within the tissues around your eyes leading to eye bags.
  4. Smoking. Smoking causes skin damage. Harmful tobacco fumes usually destroy healthy body cells and normally reduces collagen production in your skin. This speeds up the process of aging and the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It goes without saying that smoking accentuates eye bags. Addicts’ skin is normally thirsty, their body retains a lot of water hence making them become even more dehydrated. This consequently increases the chances of getting eye bags. Smokers also have the tendency of poor night sleep as a result of nicotine withdrawal symptoms that they experience at night. Lack of adequate sleep further leads to the emergence of eye bags.
  5. Allergies. Allergic reactions normally increase swelling and puffiness around your eyes. Allergens usually speed up the fluid build-up around your eyes. This, in turn, causes bulging of the skin and eventually form eye bags.
  6. Genetics. The onset of eye bags is partly hereditary. The chances of you getting eye bags if members of your family were affected by it previously are very high. Actually, it is in your DNA. Eye bags can be passed/transferred from one generation to another.
  7. Medical reasons. Some medical reasons can contribute to the accentuated appearance of eye bags. If your eye bags persists to worsen despite medical attention, then there is a possibility of it being accelerated by an underlying medical issue. You may be required to consult a doctor for further guidance.

There exist many tools and treatments for your skin and to help you know how to remove eye bags of all types. If you are affected by eye bags, there is no big reason to worry, there are a wide range of skincare products on the market that works to fight eye bags, regardless of their causes. 

On the other hand, we have created this comprehensive guide which talks about how to get rid of under eye bags instantly at home.