child with eye bag

Kids with Eye Bags: Should You Be Alarmed?

While eye bags may seem to be pretty common among adults, it sometimes also affects kids. This is usually associated with dark circles under the eye. Many of such discolorations and even possible swellings under the eye aren’t very serious and should respond well to a number of home treatments and remedies.

When it comes to kids, their parents are often alarmed with such a condition and most of them go on to assume that it’s a sign of something critical, or rather serious. Some even go to the extent of seeking pediatricians to perform blood tests and come up with a possible cause.

Now, there are a number of reasons behind eye bags in kids and most of them aren’t as serious. However, note that eliminating them might prove difficult at times. So, are dark circles under your kids eye a course for alarm or not? Well, here are the facts;

What exactly are these dark circles under your kid’s eye?

If you start noticing pigmentation or discoloration under your kid’s eye, then that is what is referred to dark circles under the eyes. This issue is more of a cosmetic condition rather than medical.

Causes of Eye Bags on Kids

Technically, this is an issue of over-pigmentation around the socket and is called Periorbital Hyperchromia. Most of these cases are genetic depending on one’s racial background. However, there are several other causes of the same often far from serious health conditions including:

The most common cause of this is very thin and relatively sensitive skin just below the eyes. This skin makes the blood vessels beneath it appear to be much darker. This skin thickness varies from one child to another and this may render some dark circles much more noticeable than others.

As mentioned much earlier on, genetics could be a possible reason behind the under-eye dark circles. Being an inherited trait running in the family, the baby could have simply inherited them.

Another common cause of eye bags could simple be tiredness. When children are pretty tired, their complexion could be much paler. As a result, their blood vessels, especially the ones under the eye could appear to be much darker.

In relatively rare cases, the dark circles could be as a result of mild medical conditions and situations including:

  • Eczema
  • Respiratory infections
  • Allergic conditions
  • Sinuses bacterial infections.

These are some of the most common causes of eye bags. Note that most of these are not that serious and should be treated at home. Also, nose congestion could come as a result of allergies. In this case, it could lead to vein restrictions and reduced blood flow resulting in a bit of swelling just below the eyes. This makes the eye bags prominent thus it is recommended that you consult a doctor.

When it comes to adults, some of the reasons above apply. However, the most common cause of eye bags in adults is iron deficiency. Additionally, it could simply be due to old age.

How do you treat kids with eye bags?

If you notice under-eye dark circles on your kid, you can help them with a few home natural remedies. Here are a few most common tips on how to remove eye bags from your kid’s face:

  • Apply cold compression around your kid’s eye. This is especially effective if the reason behind the bags is simply tiredness. If you lack a cold compress, you may use a chilled teaspoon or frozen ice bags wrapped in relatively soft cloth in its place.
  • As allergies are one of the probable causes of dark circles, having your kid tested for the same could be a good move. Once you establish the reason for the allergies, either food or simply the environment, you’d then want to eliminate the allergen and be sure to eliminate the eye bags soon enough.
  • If congestion happens to be the reason behind your child’s puffy eyes, the best course of action should be flushing the sinuses out using saltwater. Saltwater rinse can be easily purchased in your local drugstore outlet over the counter. You then have to squeeze a relatively small amount of this saltwater up both nostrils and have the kid blow their nose. Ensure that your saline solution is mixed from very clean sterile water.

These are just but some of the home remedies for dark circles. There are several other natural remedies that can be simply applied at home depending on the cause of it. Here's our comprehensive guide on removing under eye bags instantly.