Facelift Alternatives

In an effort to keep up with trends, fashion, health, or generally appear younger, many people are turning to facelifts to alter the way they look. Most people are only aware of surgical facelifts where one has to undergo surgery to make their facial skin look younger. It is a process that requires a lot of money, as well as thorough post-surgery care to avoid unwanted effects like infections.
There are a number of ways to improve one's facial appearance and look younger without having to go under the knife. These methods are also relatively less expensive and have less drastic side effects.
  1. Micro-needling
Micro-needling refers to the process of puncturing the skin using tiny needles to stimulate healing which in turn rids the skin of aged and damaged layers. The needles are inserted in various parts of the face, a procedure which then causes the skin, among other things, to produce collagen. Collagen gives the skin firmness and elasticity and also helps the skin in healing or removing scar tissues that form dark spots on skin. Elasticity removes wrinkles.
  1. Chemical peel
As the name implies, this process involves spreading a chemical mixture on the face, to induce exfoliation and peeling. The patient does not need to be on any anaesthetic substance because the process is pain-free. Chemical peels come in multiple varieties, all with different effects of the skin. For example, there is a different peel for solving uneven pigmentation, and a different one for fixing blemishes. The peels cause the skin to wear away and give way to new, healthy, and blemish-free skin. A few days after the procedure, patients may experience skin sensitivity because the new skin is still adjusting to factors like sunlight.
  1. LED therapy
Here, coloured LED lights are aimed at the facial skin, with the purpose of removing scars, blemishes, dark spots, and wrinkles. The process has to be repeated 24 times for the healing process to take effect. Each of these processes costs around 100 dollars each, bringing the price to a total of 2400 dollars. The procedure is pain-free. Some professionals use intense pulsed light also aimed repeatedly. The difference is that this requires 6 sessions as opposed to 24. However, it may come with some detrimental side effects, for example sensitive facial vessels and pigmentation.
  1. Laser skin resurfacing
This refers to removal of skin layers to give way to the growth of new, younger, and blemish free skin. Laser technology is used to carry out the process. The laser energy is directed to the entire face and focused there for at least two hours. The skin is then expected to peel off in layers. The peeling does not take place immediately, however. It occurs 5 to 7 days after the procedure. After that, the skin will take around 10 days to heel.
It may sound more straightforward than a surgical process, but this does not mean it is an instant face lift. Also, the patient may experience side effects such as burns and scarring from the laser, and changes in skin pigmentation. Without very strict facial care during the peeling and healing process, bacterial infections may also occur. That being said, laser skin resurfacing gives rise to fresh skin, free of previous marks, wrinkling, and sagging.
  1. DIY toners
Far from being a medical procedure on the skin, toning should be done regularly especially when it comes to the face. Toning gives the skin a facelift in a number of ways. First, it tightens pores, leaving the skin smoother and less saggy. This also reduces the chances of getting pimples, ensuring that one does not get scars as a result. Toning also restores the correct pH to facial skin, allowing natural facial chemicals to function properly and keep the skin from aging or deteriorating. Examples of DIY toners include tomato juice.
  1. DIY masks
DIY masks such as clay masks and honey masks give the face instant face lift by tightening the skin, reducing the appearance of spots, and healing facial skin without leaving scars. If done regularly, they make a great alternative to surgical facelifts.

To learn more in depth about DIY toners and masks, click on the hyperlink. But in case these facelift alternatives don't do for you, we have other tips and tricks.

The above methods are a much less scarier option when compared to surgical facelifts. They are also more affordable, and as discussed, some of them can be done in the comfort of one's home. This is not to say that undesired side effects can entirely be avoided. Therefore, it is important to always have the work done by a professional, and to take care of the face as required even after the process.

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