men's eye bags

Men's Eye Bags: Do they Differ and How To Get Rid of Them

Eye bags are a common occurrence especially when one has advanced in age or they have not had rest for quite some time. There is little that can be done for the eye bags that come about due to age except surgical procedures. For the temporary eye bags, however, there are so many remedies that can be tried out to get rid of the eye bags. Most people do not know what exactly is happening so that the eye bags form.

According to scientists and experts, eye bags are formed due to the inflated blood vessels that are around the eyes. The puffiness is caused by tissue fluid that fills up the space underneath the eyes. In most cases, the eye bags become dark when they are rubbed or irritated in any way.

Men with Eye bags

In most cases, it is the women that are more concerned with eye bags and are always looking for remedies for the eye bags. Make up is one of the common remedies that women have come up with to temporarily conceal eye bags. For men, this may be a little impractical and there is therefore the need to come up with more realistic remedies that are effective. Generally, eye bags are not easy to get rid of and it is therefore important to ensure that you do proper research so that you invest in a solution that will work.

How Eye Bags Differ Between Men and Women

In women, the skin only becomes puffy and droopy. However, in men, the case may be further characterized by discoloration of the affected patch of skin. Even though they are different in their appearance, they are caused by basically the same things; lack of sleep, stress and fatigue. In extreme conditions and cases, you may have both the eye bags and the dark circles at the same time. Getting rid of these would require more time and effort as compared to getting rid of only one condition.

How to Remove Eye Bags

There are several ways to get rid of temporary eye bags that you can use at home without having to spend a lot of money or time.

Cold Compress

The most effective and common way that people have been using since time immemorial is cold compress. In simple words, it is cold treatment. You can use a cold piece of cloth, ice or other frozen material and place it on the affected part of the skin and hold it there for some time. This will help reduce the puffiness on the skin and even get rid of the eye bags easily. 


You can use cucumber by slicing the cucumber into thin pieces and placing them on the eye bags and leaving to rest for some time. Remove the cucumber and rinse your face with cold water for freshness and healing of the eye bags.


Another remedy for eye bags is the use of moisturizer. Many men often ignore the need and importance of using moisturizer on their faces. This could be the cause of the eye bags due to dryness and poor flow of blood. Using moisturizer twice a day will help in efficient blood flow and it will also conceal the dark and plump appearance under the skin.

Eye bags are a common occurrence among many people today; both men and women. There are very many possible causes of eye bag formation from allergies to genetics, ageing and getting too little sleep. Depending on the cause of the eye bags, there are several methods that can be used to get rid of the eye bags easily. Above are a few ways on how to remove eye bags and more information can be found in the internet.