Removing Eye Bags with Surgery

Removing Eye Bags with Surgery

The procedure for removal of eye bags is commonly referred to as blepharoplasty procedure and many people have undertaken the procedure. Unlike skin lightening that is commonly done by women, eye bags removal is common among both men and women. The main reason why people undergo the procedure is to help overcome signs of ageing and therefore give them a younger look. Unlike excess body fat that can be easily eradicated by working out and checking one’s diet, eye bags are quite difficult to get rid of. This is because they are basically loose skin and fat that comes with age and no exercise can help to get rid of them.

Many people wear makeup to conceal the eye bags but this is a very temporary solution because it has to be done on a daily basis. For a permanent solution to get rid of eye bags, surgery is the best option.

Removing Eye Bags Surgically with Blepharoplasty

As mentioned above, the best permanent solution for eye bags is surgery. However, other methods of getting rid of the eye bags can be quite effective, depending on the cause of occurrence of the eye bags. Surgical removal of the eye bags is mostly effective and efficient for people whose eye bags are caused by accumulation of excess fats under the eyes or bulging fat.

The process involves the removal of the fat under the skin that is responsible for the formation of the eye bags. The fat can either be completely removed or relocated to another part. This procedure can be performed singularly or in combination with other minor surgeries and therefore the recovery time will vary from one patient to another. The general or average time required to carry out the procedure is around 1-2 hours. The type of anesthetic used is determined by how long the procedure is expected to last for in the hospital as they recover. Local anesthetic is used when the procedure is not expected to last for more than a few hours. When general anesthetic is used, the surgery is expected to last longer and so is the recovery time in the hospital.

The Pros and Cons of Eye Bags Removal Surgery

Blepharoplasty procedure just like all other cosmetic surgeries has an effect to the body. There are benefits and risks involved in the procedure.


  • There is improved appearance. As previously mentioned the people that undergo the surgery are looking to improve the appearance of their faces and possibly look younger. The surgery ensures that little time has to be taken for one to get ready in the morning. This is because there is no need to use make up every day to conceal the eye bags anymore.
  • The procedure therefore enables people look and feel better about themselves and therefore boost their self-esteem and confidence.


Surgeries are basically procedures that involve taking a piece out of someone’s body or incorporating something new into the body of the person involved. As such, there are some risks that are involved and while some can be avoided, there are some that cannot be avoided at all.

  • The time taken for the wound to heal completely is long. Even though the actual procedure takes about 1-2 hours to be completed, the healing period may be quite long. After the procedure, the wound should be kept away from direct sunlight for up to 6 months to ensure that it is completely healed to avoid complications.
  • Side effects like dry eye, pain and even red eye can occur causing discomfort for a period of time before the wound completely heals. There is also risk that the wound from the surgery may not completely heal and it may leave a slight scar.

Cosmetic surgeries have become quite popular among many people today. This is mostly because of the affordable rates and because they offer permanent solutions for some problems. Eye bag removal surgically is the best solution for the problem especially if it is caused by old age.

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