Where can Botox be Used on My Face

Botox for your Face

Some of the most common areas of the face where Botox is utilized are the frown lines that exist between the eyes, creases in the neck, crow's feet at the sides of the eyes and furrows of the forehead. It is also possible for Botox to be injected in specific forehead muscles, under the eyes and around the eyes. It helps to open the patient’s eyes so that they appear much larger. Botox is also an ideal way to smoothen bumps present on the chin. This helps people with a downward curve in their mouth during a relaxed state to smile.

Botox is mostly used on the face for the treatment of wrinkles. It has some synthetic strands that inhibit the muscles from contracting, the resultant effect is that the muscles relax and the facial skin becomes wrinkle free.

The most popular regions for Botox treatment for the face are those that are around the forehead, the brows and the eyes.

  • The eyes

The eyes are considered to be the windows to the soul. Unfortunately, the region around them are subjected to numerous muscle movements that are attributed to facial expressions. This is commonly referred to as the Crows Feet. Botox assists the muscles to relax such that there is less need to crinkle and squint around the eyes.

  • The brows

The muscles of the brow are used in all forms of facial expression such as frowning laughing and smiling. These lines have the negative effect of giving one a sad or angry face. The best part is that the Botox treatment has the potential of temporarily reversing this effect. This means that it can significantly change the appearance of these wrinkles. It can last a period of between 3 to 4 months. (But if you want to prolong the effects, see here to learn how)

The forehead lines are also referred to as surprise lines. They give people a haggard and tired like appearance. However, it is very possible for a natural and smooth look to be recreated in that area so as to improve your overall aesthetic appearance. The excessive contraction of facial muscles can eventually crease wrinkles. Individuals who stretch a crease wrinkle and it fails to disappear require a Botox procedure. This will help to decrease its appearance even if it does not eliminate it.

Generally, Botox treatment for the face can be categorized as follows:

  1. Upper face – This includes frown lines, forehead lines and top of the nose.
  2. Eyes – This includes under the eyes, wrinkles around the eyes and eyebrows.
  3. Lower face – This includes jaw angle, jawline and neck, chin and lipstick lines.
  • Frown lines

These are vertical creases that exist between eyebrows. They generate an angry or tired look. Botox can be used to smoothen frown lines to result in a relaxed and rejuvenated experience.

These are lines that appear when your nose wrinkles up. Botox injections are administered on either side of the nose to correct this.

This is whereby fine lines appear around your mouth and become prominent with age. Botox can be used to improve the patient’s smile by turning the corners of their mouth in the upward direction.

In the old age, the chin assumes a puckered and dimpled appearance. Gum recession, bone loss, sun exposure and tissue loss can exacerbate the effect. Botox treatment can effectively relax the chin muscles so that they become smooth and decrease the overall dimple effect.

  • Jawline and neck

Linea appear on the neck for various reasons but Botox can smoothen them out. The treatment is good for both horizontal and vertical lines.

  • Jaw angle

Bruxism i.e. prolonged episodes of jaw clenching and teeth grinding can be managed using Botox treatments. It helps to relax the jaws thus treating the condition altogether in a safe manner.

The human face is characterized by complex muscles and that is why patients are advised to seek professional services when using Botox.

Botox has numerous applications and can be utilized in various sites. This is why consumers are advised to do extensive research and widely consult before making any decision. All the areas of the face that have been listed above can be treated using Botox injections for that much needed aesthetic appeal.